How it started

Ibby’s Chocolate Kitchen was born when I started tempering chocolate at home to create delicious treats for my friends and family. This fun activity quickly turned into a passion for hand dipping chocolates and inventing new delicious flavoured centres and Ibby’s Chocolate Kitchen began.

There is nothing I love more than seeing people enjoy the fruits of my effort. Coming from a large family, my 3 sisters and brother all work themselves in the quality food industry and I love the challenge of creating chocolate combinations that get the family seal of approval from all of my siblings, nieces, nephews, children and grandchildren!

Cordon Bleu trained, I work to high standards and only temper with top quality Belgian Chocolate (which includes the natural cocoa butter). Being brought up on an organic farm means good quality ingredients are essential for me.

Every chocolate that I create is hand decorated and hand packaged with passion from my farmhouse in the Cotswolds. I just love creating these special treats and I’m happy to collaborate with you to create something extra special. Whether that is initialled truffles for a special occasion, like wedding favours, or a paw print design on your chocolate, like I’ve done for my husband’s staff birthday chocolates at his veterinary practice. Anything is possible.


Individually hand dipped chocolates with homemade centres.


Hand written message available.


Free delivery for orders over £20.